Plywood Bats

Plywood Bats

Plywood Bats

The Discus Wheel Head has a fitted bat retention system.

consisting of two small bolts that are raised or lowered using the supplied Allen Key.


This enables a bat to be securely and simply mounted to the wheel head.

Bats are available from us in machine cut external plywood

in four sizes and in multi packs:

152mm (6") mini bat - 254mm (10") - 280mm (11") - 305mm (12")



                     wheelhead_bat_pin_in              wheelhead_bat_pin_out        

plybat305mm_x3          wheel_with_bat

Master bat for the plywood mini bat

Consists of an 254mm diameter plastic Master bat with a central cut-out to place and centre a 152 mm mini bat.

The master bat is held on the wheel head by the bat retaining pins.
The 152mm (6") plywood mini bat is locked in to place in the master bat through a lug that fits in to a recess in the master bat.
Ideal when making a quantity of smaller items as the bats take up less room on the drying shelf.
When the piece is thrown remove the plywood mini bat and insert another in to the master bat for the next throw.


                plastic_master_mini_in      plasticmaster_and_mini     4_x_minibats1


See a YouTube video a a bat being fitted to a Discus Potters wheel



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