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Spares & Accessories

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Bowl for Compact wheel (removable)

Removable bowl for the Discus Compact electric Potters Wheel.
Clip in to place under the wheelhead.


£75.00 *

Portable Folding Stand for Discus

Portable folding easy to store stand. Perfect for taking to demonstrations or shows. Easy to carry design.

£79.00 *

Tool Shelf (clip on)

Tool shelf that simply clips to the bowl of the Discus potters wheel.
(Not suitable for the Compact potters wheel Split Bowls)
£22.00 *

Remote Foot Pedal

Replacement ABS plasticFoot pedal speed control for the Discus potters wheel.
Suits all current models.
£69.99 *

Hand Speed Control

Hand speed control rotary knob with handle
Enables a consistent rotation speed to be set and adjusted.
£69.99 *

Hand Speed Control with 'Bump' off power

Hand Speed Control with Emergency Power Off
Easy movement rotary knob with handle to set and adjust speed.
£95.00 *


A easily self assembled varnished plywood Stool for use with the Discus potters wheel and Discus stand.

£20.00 *

Complete Pottery Tool Set

Complete Tool Set.
Wood sculpting tool, wire clay cutter, metal needle tool, sponge, loop tool, potter's rib etc.
All the basic tools.
£12.00 *

Replacement bat pin Allen Keys

Spare Allen keys for adjusting the wheelhead bat pins to mount a Discus Bat on to the Discus electric potters wheel.
Pack of two.
£3.50 *

Replacement Bat Retainer screws

2 x Replacement bat retainer screws for the Discus wheel head.
Enables Discus  bats to be easily securely positioned.


£3.50 *

Replacement Foot Pedal Spring

Replacement Foot Pedal Spring for the Discus foot pedal speed control.
Easy to fit.and secure in position.
£5.00 *

Compact wheel split bowl clips

Spare pair of clips to grip the Discus Compact wheels split bowls in to position under the wheel head.

£6.50 *