Frequently asked Questions

Q. How big a bat will my Potters Wheel take?
A. We supply bats of 152mm (6"), 254mm (10") , 280mm (11") and 305 mm (12").
Q. Will the Discus Potters Wheel fit in my car boot to take to demonstrations?
A. All Discus wheels are fully portable and consist of three easily managed components:
The Electrical Controller, Foot pedal, and Wheel which contains the powerful 24v DC motor.
Full details of weights and sizes are given in the product details within the Shop.(link to shop)
  (A hand speed control is available as an accessory for all wheels)


Q. Can I examine a Discus Potters Wheel before buying?
A. We manufacturer and sell direct over the Internet.
This enables us to keep the cost of a wheel as low as possible.
We do have a few select UK and European agents who will allow you to see a wheel, however we feel the best way to be sure is to examine the wheel in your own environment.
Order a wheel to examine and if you are not satisfied return it to us within 14 days for a refund of the purchase price.
(Power up inspect and test operation for suitability. Do not throw clay.)
Q. How stable is the Discus Potters Wheel?
 A. The wheel has large rubber feet and is perfectly stable placed on the Discus stand or a suitable table top for throwing clay at the recommended weights. 
Q. How do I empty water from the bowl, Is there a waste tap?
A. The Discus wheel weighs only 6Kg so it is quite easy to lift it up (after disconnecting the cable) and tip waste and water away.
This also means the wheel is then easy to clean off prior to storage.
Q. How loud is the Discus Potters Wheel in use?
A. The wheel averages an acceptable 65dB. (measured at 1 metre)
(Comparative examples measured at 1 metre - Regular conversation: 60- 68dB. Hairdryer on low: 68dB, on high: 76dB)
Q. How long will a Discus wheel last? 
A. All Discus wheels carry a full two year guarantee - they are designed to have many years of life under anticipated usage.
Q. We have a requirement for a hand controller for someone with limited mobility – can you help?
A. We stock two types of hand controller and can often help with special requirements of this nature.