The Discus Potters Wheel is powerful, robust, compact and portable
"Everyone should have access to a Discus potter's wheel and the pleasure of creating their own works of art"

Discus potters wheels are a joy to use for both beginners and professionals alike.

  Discus is probably the most powerful, compact and elegant electric portable potter's wheel in the world.
Table top pottery wheels that don't compromise on power, torque and safe operation.
Manufactured in the UK, Discus is de
signed around durable and reliable technology.



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Discus Potters's Wheels are ideal for Home users and Hobbyists, Classrooms, Adult Education, Special Needs,

Professionals and small production runs.


Tough, powerful and delivering constant torque so critical for clay working and often lacking in comparable products.
A Discus pottery wheel can throw up to 16kgs (model dependant).

Comprising of the Pottery wheel itself and a electronic control box and a foot pedal.
These component are not very heavy or bulky so it's all very easy to carry and store when you have finished being creative in clay.

A powerful and technically advanced 24volts DC motor is fitted to our Potters Wheel's for safe operation
with 240 volts AC powering the separate electronic control box only.
This is much safer than having AC voltage where water is in use within the bowl.
We provide a 2 year guarantee and are a UK manufacturer so you can be assured your investment will last for many years to come.
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Easy to move, store and transport

Powerful electric motors

Constant torque at all speeds

Heavy weight aluminium wheel head

Rugged durable design and build quality

Easy to clean after use

Competitive pricing with no hidden VAT charges

Two year guarantee

Uk manufactured and supported